Sunday, 22 August 2010

Mokum Textiles

I absolutely adore Mokum Textiles & as I mentioned here, Art Deco is perhaps my favourite period of design.

Combine the two & you have Mokum's Moderne Collection.
"The Moderne collection mirrors the eclecticism of the 1920s & aspires not only to sit alongside the beautiful textiles of the past, but also to deliver luxurious designs that keep pace with our modern times."

Mokum Moderne Inspiration Board
The Moderne collection takes inspiration from not only fashion of the Art Deco period, but also architecture & interiors of the time. The collection has been designed by Mokum textile designer Bethany Linz who happens to be a fellow Novocastrian! Bethany also features as the model in the Mokum Moderne brochure.
Bethany Linz
Design Refinement
L to R: Chatelet, Mica, De Rosine, Vionnet, Rivoli, Coupole
Colourways of the range include metallics, pale to dark neutrals, blues & greens, smokey charcoals & the occasional highlight of blush tones. Even the names of the colourways add to the overall sophisticated aesthetic of the collection: Topaz, Marcasite, Prussian Blue, Gin Fizz, Pearl, Chocolate & Powder Blue.

There is a luxe feel to the materials. Velvets through to satins evoke the richness & extravagance of the times.

All the designs are stunning, but some of my favourites from this collection include: Rivoli, Chatelet, Ritz, Khepresh & Moderne. Other designs are: Coupole, De Rosine, Lexington, Mica, Patou & Vionnet.
One of the great things about Mokum is that new collections are designed to work with older ones.  Below are mood boards of the Moderne collection colourways incorporating designs from older Mokum collections.

From the materials, designs & colourways used, the design team stays true to the overall comprehensive collection that is Mokum textiles.

This truly is a glamorous collection & I want it all!

Sandy K

[above images from Mokum Moderne Collection or Studio 98 - The Mokum Design Team Blog & all images collaged by Sandy K except images 1,2,3 &5)
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