Sunday, 12 December 2010

360 degrees

“The Saints are Coming” and I will “Rejoice”!

It's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" but it still feels “Faraway, So Close (Stay)”.

I will go “With or Without You” to “Where the Streets have No Name” in the “City of Blinding Lights”.
“When Love Comes To Town” “Tomorrow” night, at “Twilight”, it will be the “Sweetest Thing”.

“Love is Blindness”, but “The Unforgettable Fire” will “Light My Way” with “Desire” to “Surrender”. It’s “Even Better Than The Real Thing”

It will be like “The First Time”. I may even be “Stuck in a Moment” & when it’s “Gone” it will be “So Cruel”.

“Night & Day” I hope it goes on, but I won’t become “Numb”. They have “Mysterious Ways” about them.

I may even become a “Party Girl” who is “Out of Control”, "Dancing Barefoot" like it’s my “Last Night on Earth” & I will be “One Step Closer” to losing my “Pride”

A “Beautiful Day” which I hope lasts “Until the End of The World”

It will be a "Celebration" with "Everlasting Love" in my heart "All Because of You".

Sandy K
[above image from who knows where as silly me lost the source]
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